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Samsung s4 custom to official rom


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Just want to share. I have a rooted  and custom fw samsung s4 4.4 jelly bean and the software status is CUSTOM so i cant update. Also knox=1 so ive read in many forums that you need to reset the counter of knox so you can go back to official rom and update the system.

I tried deleting data/dalvik/system and reboot after, so there is NO OS. I downloaded odin for pc and samsung drivers for pc and the samsung s4 official lollipop here 

This is the hidden content, please


Then followed instruction also in that site how to flash via odin and poop it become coco crunch! My software status is official and i updated the system 2x successfully.


I just thought that going back to official fw status and system update is impossible when the system knox is =1. So now i can play in fb messenger words with friends LOL


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