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Permer - Words and Music (2024)


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Permer - Words and Music (2024)




Artist: Permer
Album: Words and Music
Released: 2024
Style: Synthpop
Format: MP3 320Kbps


01. Shut Your Stupid ****ing Mouth (03:59)
02. Private Stalker (03:03)
03. Tiger Never Lion (02:34)
04. Together In Japan (03:43)
05. Stay, Don't Go Away (02:59)
06. It's Beautiful To Fall (03:04)
07. Money (03:04)
08. When I Wake Up (03:13)
09. Laughing To Get By (03:35)
10. Snow Snow (Snow) (02:49)
11. Behind The Wheel (Vocal Crypt Version) (02:56)




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