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Reader 5.8 macOS


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Reader 5.8 macOS

File size: 218 MB

Fast & Minimalist PDF viewer with powerful controls.

Minimalist design with powerful tools for reading, particularly academic documents

• Select text and control-click for an option to 'Ask AI'. Choose a command and you will get a reply from OpenAI's GPT3. This requires you to have your own API Key, which Reader will guide you to get
• Select text and cmd-F to see only the sentences in the document with the selected text
• Selet text and 'H' for yellow highlight
• Select text and cmd-shift-h for grey highlight
• 'h' without selecting text to see all highlights
• Select text and 'X' to strikethrough with red line.
• ESC to go in and out of fullscreen
• Single page in regular view, two pages in full screen view
• Spacebar for page down (arrow keys can also be used)
• White background in full-screen view since documents are usually white and therefore provides a clean reading space without a harsh black border
• Integrated with the Author word processor to provide instant citations through simply copying and pasting text using the Visual-Meta method as shown in the last screenshot and as described athttp://visual-meta.info

text to see all highlighted text
- 'n' to see any Names in the document

• cmd-shift-c to copy as citation
• Integrated with Liquid to provide hundreds of commands in less than one second on any selected text
• If document has Visual-Meta from the Author word processor
- cmd- to collapse the document into an outline if the document has headings

Release Notes
Supported Operation Systems
macOS 10.14 or later






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