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Sonible Pure Bundle v3.2023 (Mac OS X)


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Sonible Pure Bundle v3.2023 (Mac OS X)
MORiA | March, 23 2023 | 213 MB

Sonible's pure:bundle is a creator-focused range of intelligent audio plug-ins. The tools are characterized by ease of use paired with high-grade processing and prime sound quality.

All plug-ins of the pure:bundle are driven by the technologies used in sonible's smart plug-in range, but are designed with creators in mind. pure:limit ensures that the level and dynamics of a mix are in the sweet spot before it leaves a creator's studio. pure:comp is a straightforward compressor plug-in to instantly control a track's dynamics. pure:verb makes it incredibly easy to create a reverb effect that matches the characteristics of any source material.

Give your mix a sonic upgrade before publishing
pure:limit effortlessly tames peaks, balances dynamics and finds the right level for your mix - all at the touch of one button. This limiter is the right choice whenever your time, focus or workflow requires a tool that delivers straightforward results. No matter whether your mix features soulful vocals, bass- heavy samples, distorted guitars or a smooth podcast voice - pure:limit has got you covered with its selection of intelligent, genre-based profiles.

Straightforward compression for pro-level sound
Use pure:comp to make 808s punchy, get rid of muddiness in a kick or transform a drum track from weak to powerful in no time - shape the dynamics of your track without any hassle. This plug-in simplifies the process of applying compression to any instrument or voice track. With its intelligent algorithms, unique learning-feature and input specific profiles, you can rely on pure:comp to deliver professional signal shaping without any artifacts or overcooking.

Reverb effects that correspond to your signal's characteristics
pure:verb ensures that every computed reverb matches the spectral and temporal characteristics of your input signal. With this reverb plug-in, there'll be no more battling all the technically tricky parts when working on reverb effects. Simply select a profile and hit the button - pure:verb automatically takes care of boomy low-ends, muddy mids and harsh high-ends. Plus, pure:verb is equipped with powerful effect-shaping options that will inspire you to create truly extraordinary sounds.

System Requirements
Windows 10 (64 bit)
MacOSX 10.9+er

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