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Arturia ARP 2600 V v3.11.0 (Mac OS X)


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Arturia ARP 2600 V v3.11.0 (Mac OS X)
MORiA | December, 20 | AU | VST | VST3 | AAX | STANDALONE | 321.9 MB

ARP2600 V Coveted semi-modular classic.. ARP 2600 V reproduces one of the most desired synthesizers ever created, responsible for sounds ranging from '70s funk textures to unmistakable special FX. Experience it in perfect plugin detail, with enhancements overflowing with creative ideas for any genre. A modular synth in a suitcase, the 2600 immediately appealed to musicians. You could patch it like crazy, but didn't need to. Its versatile sound became a favorite of Stevie Wonder, Josef Zawinul, Tony Banks of Genesis, Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, and many more. Combining True Analog Emulation® signature authenticity with vastly expanded features, ARP 2600 V is designed to become one of your favorites too.

To Patch or Not To Patch
Like the original, ARP 2600 V has a normalled signal path. Get great sounds right away or experiment with patch cables - it's up to you!

Essential Ingredient
Whatever your musical style, something you do will call for the inimitable sound of the 2600. You may as well have the best software emulation there is.

Modular Mentor
With a left-to-right layout that follows signal flow, there's no better way to learn the fundamentals of synthesis than with ARP 2600 V.

All Bases Covered
Combining modular freedom, easy sequencing, and real-time keyboard performance controls, ARP 2600 V is an instant gratification machine - you'll lose yourself in no time.

Release notes:
November, 4 2022 | v3.11.0

New features:
Included visually impaired accessibility across all V Collection instruments
New sound design tutorials for selected V Collection 9 instruments
MiniLab 3 compatibility with all V Collection instruments

Improvements to playlists and preset browser

Bug fixes:
No more tag issues after updates
Improved loading times for our sampled instruments
Correct presets appear in the playlist after reload
No more browsing issues in NKS software after changing preset from Arturia\'s preset browser
All instrument now recall their previous UI size
Added polyphony voice count to the bottom toolbar on selected instruments

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Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !
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