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RarmaRadio 2.73.6 incl patch

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If you were looking for a program to listen to Internet radio stations, then I think you just need to download RarmaRadio from our project. The development is quite interesting, it contains a large number of stations, of course, you can sort them according to different criteria, for example, by genres, countries, music quality and other other parameters. Often, when listening to a song from the bottom, you can immediately see its name and other information. RarmaRadio offers you a fairly large number of different options, you will also get a nice interface with support for the Russian language, you can additionally record the station being played, which is very convenient, moreover, you can drive in a song, when playing which the recording will start automatically, it is very convenient actually . RarmaRadio has a flexible search system for the station you need, if you wish, if you don’t find the one you need, you can add your own, although of course I doubt it, since the list is quite extensive. In addition to information about the song being played, you can also view the album of the disc where this song is from, you can expand the program's functions with plug-ins from the Winamp player. I would like to note another pleasant moment, you can listen to one station, and record in parallel a completely different one or even several at once, you see, this is also a plus. RarmaRadio can record according to a schedule, there is generally a convenient scheduler that can fine-tune each process of the program in detail. I would like to note that when saving a track, all the necessary tags will already be entered into it. That's all in general and everything according to the program,



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