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The Rhythm of Daily Prayer

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The Bible depicts Jesus—busier than anyone around him—praying about the work and the people God sets before him every day. His first priority of the day is to connect with God. Amid the pressures of working life, daily prayer may seem like a luxury we can’t afford to indulge. Jesus, however, couldn’t imagine going to work without prayer, much as most of us couldn’t imagine going to work without shoes.


Daily prayer is a difficult practice for many Christians. Between early morning family responsibilities, long commutes and late nights at work, it seems almost impossible to establish a consistent routine of prayer.


Regular time set apart for prayer is a good thing, but it is not the only way to pray. We can also pray in the midst of our work. One practice many have found helpful is praying very briefly at multiple times during the day. “Daily Devotions for Individuals and Families,” found in the Book of Common Prayer, provides brief structures for prayer throughout the day. You can also try one-sentence prayers when moving from one task to another, praying with your eyes open or offering thanks silently.


You might not notice change at first, but over time prayer can increase your capacity to both receive and give God’s love and grace.



Jesus, help me establish a rhythm of prayer that connects me to your love and your Spirit every day. Amen.🙏


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