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Youtube Premium membership


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Hi! Thanks for Coming by. 



-All the details are given in this post'


Youtube Premium Membership Categories:

1. Basic: 10 BCash per month per invite (UNAVAILABLE NOW)

     [ User need to create a new gmail to accept invite every month ]

2. Standard: 60 BCash per month per invite (AVAILABLE NOW)

Special Discount on Standard plan: Buy for 1 Year With Full Warranty- 480BCash


     [ Same user can accept invite to the previous gmail in subsequent month if extends membership next month. No need to create a new gmail ]


3. Gold: 40 BCash per month

[Basically I will give you a new gmail account with Youtube Family Premium membership. You can add 5 members to this account ](AVAILABLE NOW)


Individual Youtube Premium Account (one person - multiple devices allowed): Limited Time offer 

40 GCash/BCash (or 60₹ UPI)- 3 Months Validity (AVAILABLE NOW)




Comment below which one you required. You can also reach me through WhatsApp  +1 2568081682 or in my chatbox  @-KHAN-

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53 minutes ago, Aibahn said:

is this available for people outside benlotus? im wondering if i can refer this offer to my friends that's not benlotus member

Yes it's available but I can accept payment only through BCash. You can be the middle man with your friends

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On 7/12/2021 at 11:54 AM, Aibahn said:

about the 30 Bcash per month, is it renewable? or everymonth we will get new account that has 1 month validity

3. Gold: 30 BCash/month

[Basically I will give you a "new" gmail account every month with Youtube Family Premium membership. You can add 5 members to this account ]


If you want, 3 MONTHS on same gmail Individual membership available for 120 BCcash only

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On 12/26/2021 at 12:17 AM, Str1k3eur3ka015734 said:

available bato in America? how to pay if ever? thanks


Paypal/GCash/BCash Payments Accepted.

3 Months YouTube Premium individual account is available.

Standard Plan Available (25GCash per month)

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3 hours ago, olivia said:

Hi Sir, if I have existing gmail account, can you make it to have youtube premium? Thank you

Yes . I can make your existing gmail account yt premium only if you have not used for youtube premium ever. Also , I can give you another monthly renewable youtube premium account if you want

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