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With Jesus, There's Always a Way!


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God wants us to stir up our faith and start believing He will do greater things than we’ve known in the past. He wants to do miracles in your life! But you must increase your faith, release your faith, and keep believing God, trusting that He can and will make a way for you when there seems to be no way (see Isaiah 43:15-19). 

Hebrews 11:6 says that faith pleases God and He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. There are three examples of this in the Bible that demonstrate this truth…

In Luke 5, a paralyzed man wanted to get to Jesus so He could heal him. When his friends couldn’t get through the crowd to bring him in the door, they took him up on the roof of the house, removed the tiles, lowered the man in front of Jesus, and he was healed! (see Luke 5:18-25.)
Zaccheus was so determined to see Jesus that he climbed up in a tree so he could see Him when He passed by. And when Jesus came by that tree, He stopped, looked up, and honored Zaccheus’ faith by going to his house. (see Luke 19:1-9.)
Blind Bartimaeus was so determined to meet Jesus that he shouted, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” to get His attention when he passed by (see Mark 10:47). People told him to be quiet, but he wouldn’t give up. Jesus stopped, called him to come, and healed him. (see Mark 10:46-52.)
When we truly believe that Jesus is the Way and all things are possible with God, we won’t let any situation, disadvantage, or criticism keep us from receiving our miracle. Stir up your faith and renew your determination to live by faith in Christ today!


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