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The Naivety of the Evil


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Today’s Verse:
You, Lord God of hosts, are the God of Israel. Awake to punish all the nations; spare none of those who treacherously plot evil. - Psalm 59:5
Have you ever wondered what God thinks of evildoers? Part of me always thought He was passive, just kind of did away with them, that they simply don’t matter because He is more powerful than they are. Then I read Psalm 59, and God is definitely the opposite of passive when it comes to evildoers. Verses 7-9 tell us the evil don’t care what they say because they think no one will hear them, no one can control them; how naive! David (author of the Psalms) tells us that God laughs at them. Psalm 58:8 " Let them dissolve like a snail that oozes away, like an untimely birth that never sees the sun." The evil ones may be tricky, sly, out of control, even naive, but our Lord is much bigger. Psalm 59:10-13 tells us how God is our strength, fortress, protector, and he laughs at the naivety and folly of those who do evil.
Today’s Prayer:
Father, I pray that You help us to stay focused on You during times when we endure the attacks of the enemy in our lives. Give us the grace to pray for our enemies conversion, know that You are always with us, and we ask You to fight these battles for us.

Amen. ???


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