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So Many Choices!


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Today’s Verse: 
So the leaders partook of their provisions, and did not ask direction from the Lord. - Joshua 9:14 
God’s judgment should fall upon the Gibeonites as God commissioned the Israelites to annihilate them. However, the Gibeonites were able to save their clan by tricking the Israelites into making them believe that they were from a country far away. The Israelites believed them and made a peace treaty with them without consulting God about it. When they realized they had been tricked, it was too late because the peace treaty had already been made. If only they had consulted God first, they would never have made such a big mistake. It reminds us of the importance of asking God. Every day we face different situations that require a specific degree of a decision-making process. It’s a blessing that we can talk to God anytime through prayer and consult with Him before making decisions. Let us not commit the same mistake that the Israelites did. Talk to God anytime and ask Him for wisdom. He can help you make the right choices.

Today’s Prayer:
Lord, thank You for being the wisest counselor and adviser. Forgive me for those times I make decisions without asking for Your direction. Help me always to depend on Your wisdom. Amen.???


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