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TUT] How to Backup the Cracked app installed from your iDevice to PC in ipa format


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This guide shows how to backup the cracked app from your iDevice to PC using iFunbox into IPA format. (Windows)

NOTE: This guide is for Jailbroken iDevice Only

Step 1

Download iFunbox 

This is the hidden content, please
 and extract the iFunbox.exe from zipped file.


Step 2

Connect your iDevice into PC and Run the iFunbox.exe file.


Step 3

Select the User Applications Under your iDevice Profile.


Step 4

Choose what app would you like to backup. Right Click the app and Select Backup to IPA package...


Step 5

Save the app in what directory your want.


Wait to finish the process


Step 6

The app has been saved into your PC


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