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  1. Because Netflix discontinued their Free Trial Offer globally, we no longer offer Solo Netflix to our members.


    LifetimeStream members will still continue to receive free monthly Netflix by using /LSNetflix on the Public Chatbox. New members are still welcome to join LifetimeStream as it is still the best way to get Free Monthly Netflix. You may purchase LifetimeStream in the BCashShop for 1000BCash.


    MonthlyNetflix TempLS subscription now cost 180 BCash for every 3 months in the BCashShop. The cost of a month of TempLS is now 60 BCash. (i.e. 60 Pesos GCash per Netflix Profile per month)


    Hopefully we can start to offer Netflix Solo once Netflix offer Free Trial again. Of course, if that's the case, the price will reduce as well.


    Oh by the way, it’s maybe because  I have 666 Followers.






    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Luffytaro


      sad wala na trial. Pati ang 3 months and 20 days netflix patched na din. Pahirap na ng pahirap :( 

    3. JiroDavid


      @UNLOCKEDPH Ito po ang dahilan Na wala Na netflix solo.



      kaya pala .. 

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