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  1. Magandang araw po mga ka-Benlotus. Patulong nman po panu marecover lost cp thru IMEI number of the phone...The lost phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro...I will provide the IMEI Number sa mga gusto po tumulong...As of now, the phone's last seen was in our home but we believe it was already stolen...Using Google's Find my phone, dito parin sa bahay ang last seen nya since the phone was nearly dead bat nung mawala.
  2. Where looking forward on that boss @Maximus...
  3. patingin TS...sana magwork sating lahat Edit: wala na ata sya sa events...anyway, thanks for sharing...
  4. ganda ng app boss @Maximus!!!salamat po sa effort especially sa mga nasa likod ng app na to...
  5. In connection with this boss @JiroDavid, is LS still available for interested members to avail?...dami q sana tanungin regarding sa revalation mo kya lang wag na...hope this will fix sooner...
  6. Open po ba including audiobooks neto paps?...thanks po for sharing
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