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Hello !! Everyone is welcome here to join for free. But for availing Youtube Premium membership. The basic price is only 10 BCash/month but other plans also available. Check inside for more. ENJOY
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  2. Just Go to my profile, Click on BCash then enter the BCash amount and send. Then comment below or pm me your email to receive YouTube Premium invite If you don't have BCash (0 BCash) , You can load it any amount by paying through GCash to Jirodavid and then pay me.
  3. 3. Gold: 30 BCash/month [Basically I will give you a "new" gmail account every month with Youtube Family Premium membership. You can add 5 members to this account ] If you want, 3 MONTHS on same gmail Individual membership available for 120 BCcash only
  4. about the 30 Bcash per month, is it renewable? or everymonth we will get new account that has 1 month validity
  5. Yes it's available but I can accept payment only through BCash. You can be the middle man with your friends
  6. is this available for people outside benlotus? im wondering if i can refer this offer to my friends that's not benlotus member
  7. This is the list of members with active subscriptions. @HwangYeji 08/07/21 to 07/08/21 [Basic]
  8. hi sir. i just wanna ask about individual youtube premium account 3 months validity. is it solo or family plan?
  9. Hi! Thanks for Coming by. *WELCOME* -All the details are given in this post' Youtube Premium Membership Categories: 1. Basic: 10 BCash/month per invite [ User need to create a new gmail to accept invite every month ] 2. Standard: 25 BCash/month per invite (Currently Unavailable) [ Same user can accept invite to the previous gmail in subsequent month if extends membership next month. No need to create a new gmail ] 3. Gold: 30 BCash/month [Basically I will give you a new gmail account with Youtube Family Premium membership. You can add 5 members to this account ] Individual Youtube Premium Account: 120 BCash- 3 Months Validity Comment below which one you required. You can also reach me in my chatbox @-KHAN-

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