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hi guys, anyone got ETEEAP resources ?


sya ay yung may experience ka sa work mo na ilang years pero hindi mo naman pinag-aralan sa college..  pwede ka bumalik and study it for one year to get proper certifcation (bachelor's degree)..



The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) is an alternative education delivery mode promulgated through Executive Order 330, which promotes access to continuing quality higher education. It is an effective system of academic equivalency and accreditation of prior learning from relevant work experiences and formal/non-formal educational training. Deputized higher educational institutions are authorized to conduct competency based evaluation and award appropriate degrees to deserving individuals. This is realized through the establishment of equivalency competence standards and a comprehensive assessment system through written tests, interview skills demonstration and other creative assessment and methodologies.


Anchored on the general goals and objectives set by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the TUP ETEEAP has formulated the following institutional objectives:

  1. To accredit and assess prior non-formal and informal (experiential and certificated) learning of individual towards the granting of equivalency certificates and awards in higher education:
    • using developed instruments to identify the competencies of the applicants and determine their level in each.
    • adapting/adopting appropriated instructional strategies/materials/tools for competency claims validation.
    • . applying a supplementary course delivery system (SCDS) which includes self-instructional modules, face-to-face learning sessions/ one-on-one tutorials.
  2. To act as channel for the industry workforce to gain access to educational opportunities through the ETEEAP scheme.
  3. To assist the TUP Management in the development of internal policies and systems of program implementation consistent with Executive Order 330.
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