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What golden advice did you learn in your life?

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1. If you waste time, you waste life. Time is ticking, don’t waste your life - literally. Do things that truly matter to you.


2. Change what you can, accept what you cannot. This may sound discouraging, but it’s actually liberating. Since you can’t control everything, working on the right things is all you have to do.


3. You’re living in the real world, not a fantasy land. The real world is far from ideal. Be bold, be practical.

4. You could be heavily disadvantaged. You could be born in a poor family or born with disability. Maybe your hard-earned money was cheated. But don’t ever give up. Be resilient and keep moving.


5. Blaming kills you. When you blame your government, parents and friends for your current situation, you don’t solve anything. Instead, you become bitter and get killed from the inside.


6. You are responsible for all your emotions. Good or bad, emotions are generated by you, not radiated to you by the external circumstances. Master your emotions.


7. Most people don’t care about you. They’re more concerned about their lives than yours, and that’s perfectly normal.


8. Love could harm you. Many people are actually harmed, rather than nourished by love. Many harmful actions are done under the name of love.


9. Your parents are getting older. They can’t protect you anymore. it’s your turn to protect them now. Grow up.


10. You may lose health. It’s tempting to sacrifice health for wealth. That’s putting the cart before the horse. Don’t make the mistake - health always comes first..


So what have you learned so far? 

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1. Sarili mo lang mapagkakatiwalaan mo.


2. Overthinking kills happiness.


3. Enjoy life maikli lang ang buhay na ibinigay sayo sulitin mo na.


4. Maging sensitive sa mga sinasabi mo kasi hindi lahat ng tao pareparehas ng pinagdadaanan.

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