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1. Go to a irl store where they sell physical Amazon gift cards.

2. On the back of the card, there should be some numbers. Take a picture of it or note it. Make sure you take pictures or note of the numbers on the BACK of the card. It should be 16 digits. You do not need the ones on the front.

3. Contact Amazon Live Support here.

4. Put all of options as required and then click “Start Chatting”.

5. Tell them that your code for your gift card comes up as invalid when you try to
redeem it.

6. When they ask you what your claim code is, give them something in this format:
Ex. J9N6-4AN8M3-2MOP (don't use this one , get one from google)

7. They will then ask for the gift card number. This is what you took a picture of. Give
them the number.

8. They will then proceed to offer you a replacement code on the spot, or email you
within 1-2 days with the code. If they ask you to send it back to wherever you got it, just
say that they refused. If they ask for a receipt, tell them that you never asked for one.

9. You may repeat this method however many times you want. However, for each time,
you will need a new amazon account. Do not do more than one chat per account.
Amazon staff can check past logs, so if they see that you tried to SE a gift card 10 times
from the same account, they will become suspicious. If you do not succeed on your first
try, don’t be discouraged! Try again.

10.If anyhow fails because of your poor SEing skills don't worry just get another rep and start again.


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