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Welcome Pipol

The Nanny Jewish GIF

Open for newbies and those who doesn't have solo/shared

If meron kana, give chance to others?


Please react to this post and follow our sponsor for more Netflix giveaways ?


❌no editing

❌no double commenting ( unless I quoted you )

❌no to collectors and nagchechange password ?

✅NO Minimum Content required 


Who is this anime character and what anime is (she?/he?) from?IMG_20200809_122915.jpg.f6f37949ef052fae2ee6edb7cf62cfe5.jpg



Sponsored by  @Five  bigyan niyo po siya ng girls


Please thank our sponsor♥️♥️


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1 hour ago, Dreei said:

Kurashina asuka

Try again

1 hour ago, ramsuman said:

Yoshino ( Date a Live)

Nope  try again

1 hour ago, Kageyama said:

thank you sa palaro james :) 

Welcome po

1 hour ago, dokkaebie21 said:

Thanks po sa pa games sir. Pede ko ishare sa benlotus fb group???


Kayo po bahal

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