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(COMPLETED) GAME QUIZ #30 : win ×1 Netflix Solo Account + 30 Pesos Load (CHEMISTRY 1) "COLLABORATION"


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1. No double answer ❌

2. Do not edit your answer❌

3. This is only for those who don't have Netflix Solo Account✅

4. Be specific ✅

5. Wrong spelling is WRONG ✅

6. Whoever answer first is the WINNER?

7. React to this topic ❤️


COLLABORATION w/ @D4rk_c0d3r❤️



GAME? Let's start! 


This is the hidden content, please




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1 minute ago, Professor said:

thankyou for sharing :D


1 minute ago, Bea said:

Thanks for sharing @KING try ko nga hahaha



1 minute ago, sharmaine20 said:

Thanks for sharing


1 minute ago, Choihyunsuk said:

Thanks for sharingg



Just now, ArthurJames said:

Thanks for sharing 

Pasilipp ♥️♥️


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Just now, sharmaine20 said:

1. A pure substance made of two or more elements that are chemically combined is a compound.

2. Precipitation of heat or cold is evidence that chemical change may have occured.


WRONG format po❤️ 

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