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Guessing Time⏱️


Since nanalo ako kanina mag sheshare ako kahit konti hehe?


- Anyone can join

- You can still join "IF YOU STILL Need Netflix account" 

- Comment again after I quote you 

- No editing,No Spamming


To collectors, Stop hoarding or else karma will kick your pitiful facefeels toaru kagaku no railgun GIF



Account Validity (1-30 day random) plus 15 petot load FOR 1 LUCKY WINNER

The rest will receive a slot

ps: di ako mayaman , I'm just use to sharing what i can share?



Comment  any netflix series that I've watched 



The one who will comment my FAVORITE NF Series will receive the load?

Slot 5 will be reserve for that lucky person♥️




Sponsor : Sasabog na si @Bomb wag niyo murahin?


1. @Esmi

2.  @dapuni

3.  @Lorraine

4.  @ramsuman

5. @DasparinganEither

Sorry for the misunderstanding I caused

I'll try my to explain things smoother next time

Congratulations to all the winners?♥️

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