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Since the winner from game #1 already have Netflix account we will hold another game


To collectors,no one knows what might admins do to your account ?

Guess who's in the picture 

- no double comments

- no editing

- no  to collectors

Account Validity (1-30 days ) random♥️

Required at least 5 content counts to join

PS: Hindi kayo makukulong pag nag GOOGLE ?


Bruce Willis Welcome To The Team GIF


Question :

Who is  the English or Japanese voice actor of this anime character ?





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9 minutes ago, Markii said:

Yusuke Kobayashi? If i'm not mistaken yung english voice actor nakalimutan ko na haha

Tama po 


Check for my pm  pls reply?

1 minute ago, ragnarlotbrok said:

kusakabe shinra

Wrong po?

Try again in other games 

Bumabaha po sa forum♥️

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5 minutes ago, KuyaDennis said:

salamat sa palaro bro ^_^


22 minutes ago, iSykes said:

Maramig salamat po dito advance congrats sa mananalo


22 minutes ago, CrazyE said:

thanks for sharing po


27 minutes ago, Bea said:

Salamat sa pa games

 Kayo rin po thanks for sharingg?♥️

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