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(COMPLETED) GAME QUIZ #16 : win ×1 Netflix Solo Account (PRE CALCULUS)


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1. No double answer ❌

2. Do not edit your answer❌

3. This is only for those who don't have Netflix Solo Account✅

4. Be specific ✅

5. Wrong spelling is WRONG ✅

6. Whoever answer first is the WINNER?

7. React to this topic ❤️


NOTE: Special Thanks to sir @JiroDavid❤️


GAME? Let's start! 


Answer this Question :


1. Is a set of all coplanar points such points such that the difference of its distances from two fixed points is consonstant. 



Edited by KING
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14 minutes ago, Vulture said:

hehe welcome KING brother?


13 minutes ago, akosibonggo said:

Salamat sa pa games Master. ?


11 minutes ago, Lisa said:

sana all mathematicain hahha. thankyou 


9 minutes ago, Bea said:

Alam ko to ah hahahah tha ks for sharing idol @KING


8 minutes ago, Tzuyu said:

Thanks for sharing po boss

Thank you for Appreciation ❤️

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