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(COMPLETED) FREE NETFLIX #118: Win 1x Solo Netflix Account!


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Win a Netflix Solo Account here!






You need at least  30 forum posts to join this game.


How to win:

- React Love to this post
- Comment 2 simple Forum Rules
- Edit the font to yellow. 
- Be the first to follow the instructions and win the game!






- If you already won from FREE NETFLIX #1-117 you cannot join here.

- Netflix validity: Random (1-30 days)

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-Links that redirects you to excessive ads are not allowed. Link with ads are ok as long as the contents are seen in first clicked from BenLotus.


- Do not impersonate other member in the forums. Do not make two or more Benlotus accounts.

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7 hours ago, jaztine_05 said:

2. No racism/sexism. No personal attacks.

3. No posting of personal details by persons other than the person itself or without prior and explicit permission.



Sorry late. I forgot about this one. :D


WINNER: @jaztine_05 



credits po kay @Bomb ?


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