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Ethical Hacking A Hands On Approach <COURSE>


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Ethical Hacking - A Complete Hands-On Training on Offensive Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Using Kali Linux



Use virtualization as it applies to penetration testing.

Discover, scan and exploit network vulnerabilities.

Demonstrate the ability to perform an entry level penetration test.

Hack and secure wired networks

Hack secure systems using client-side and social engineering attacks

Create a virtual install of Kali Linux

Learn linux fundamentals




Network administrators, cybersecurity students, entry-level penetration testers, anyone who wants to be an ethical hacker, concerned parents,  concerned spouses, law enforcement and anyone with a solid background in technology.


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1 minute ago, GreedyFox said:

Pasilip po ako


1 minute ago, Oranek said:

Thanks and keep sharing ?


3 minutes ago, J_M_R said:



6 minutes ago, Davie504 said:

Patry po tas ihahack ko benlotus account mo hehehe charot thank for sharing pre HAHAHAHA 


10 minutes ago, majorbaluga said:

thank you.. i may need this grab ko na..


16 minutes ago, midnight said:

pasilip po, mukhang interesting


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