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#1011 - Win Solo Netflix Account (Math Problem)


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Win Solo Netflix Account


Math problem. Easy lang sya guys :D 




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-Bawal na po sa meron nang Solo netflx account. Kung shared account lang ang na sa'yo pwede kang sumali.

-React nyo na din tong palaro ko hehe.


Answer the question with solution


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Inuulit ko bawal pong Sumali ang meron nang SOLO NETFLIX Account!

Unang tama na Comment sya ang panalo :D





Umangal panget! :P 

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1 minute ago, CHRiSH said:

Signature mo talaga yan lodi. Opo walang aangal hahaha SALAMAT PO SA SHARE :D

hahhaha wala ako maisip eh hahhah. welcome

1 minute ago, Abbybeach said:

Sana all. Slamat sa palaro , GOod luck guys



1 minute ago, Hinata said:

Salamat idol❤


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17 minutes ago, wondeuksoo said:

Thank you po for sharing


14 minutes ago, Sourya said:

Salamat po. Keep sharing ?


10 minutes ago, midnight said:

keep sharing idol. salamat sa pagames


9 minutes ago, Royal_PRINCE said:

keep sharing po boss ?


8 minutes ago, Killua_Zoldeck said:

thanks for sharing idol.

pwede ba akong sumali idol?



7 minutes ago, KING said:

Thank You sa Palaro lods?❤️


7 minutes ago, Sigyn said:

Andami, thank you for sharing po! ^^.



Welcome y'all

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