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Choose a number between 1-30 + 1 Feedback(Suggestion) For Benlotus Team

Just Example:

My lucky number is 29. And one thing I would like to suggest to Belotus Team is that We should focus on creating more Special Clubs for different sites(Accounts) like amazon prime and more .


Simple Rules:

You Feedback should be different than above one

Comment Only 1 Time

You can try again Once I quoted(replied) you

5 Winners shall be picked up



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4 minutes ago, sgbarnz said:

lucky number is 5 , my suggestion is that benlotus should have great privilege on those active members like contributors

Number is wrong You can try again my friend

4 minutes ago, bluebag said:

keep up the good work sana marami pa kayong matulungan more power ??? 14 is my bday

Number is wrong You can try again my friend

2 minutes ago, Hridaya_Bst said:

Thanks for sharing bro??

Welcome brother?

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Just now, Sparrow said:

I pick number 27. Just want to say thank you for the team who keeps on give others an opportunity to have things that might help themselves entertain during pandemic.

Your number is correct. Congrats and comment 1 suggestion for Benlotus team to improve more. Follow us fast and wait for inbox


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