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need 26+ content count



-you can only answer once

-no edited answer

-dont answer with (?)


what is missing in the series?


L(C), Z(SM), N(N), U(S), S(C), C(D), _____, F(SW), B(M), J(H)


ipindot mo na rin ito:Dimage.png.0e4f83c548d6c6178371e77b868e871d.png

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20 minutes ago, Andromache said:

Pasali master

sige lang po goodluck

19 minutes ago, Renboy said:

Thanks You Master ?

welcome master

17 minutes ago, sparksfly said:

thank you po sa  pagshare lods

weclome po

16 minutes ago, RKismyname said:

Keep sharing?

welcome po ate

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8 minutes ago, D4rk_c0d3r said:

Sanaol thank you po :D

welcome master

6 minutes ago, Abbybeach said:

Keep sharing lodi good luck sa inyu

welcome po

5 minutes ago, deeshara said:

Pasali po

need atleast 26 content po

2 minutes ago, Nicoleshane said:

Thanks for sharing

welcome po

Just now, astx said:

Thank You Very Much Brother!

welcome brother

8 minutes ago, Andromache said:



Just now, Nicoleshane said:


wrong answer guys thanks for joining

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9 minutes ago, Daseineli67 said:



5 minutes ago, Nicoleshane said:



1 minute ago, Eds said:


wrong answer guys thanks for joining

9 minutes ago, KING said:

Nice, Yaman naman ni Lods❤️?

haha mas mayaman ka master

4 minutes ago, KuyaDennis said:

wala akong alam dyan haha


salamat sa share ^_^

welcome master

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