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?? 25x Youtube Premium (1st Batch) ??


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Naglatag ako noon ng youtube premium dito pero yung iba 'di naaccept kung sino ka man 'di nakita iinbayt?. Kaya pers 25 lang muna ang iaaccomodate ko baka 'di ulit iaccept ih.?


Please do support me by reacting in this blog hahaha juk. ?Pareact po para ganahan ulit gumawa.?


Drop your gmail here ?at ako na po magaadd sa inyo thru invitation.


Note: PH accounts only.

sharawt narin sa Benlotus!?


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31 minutes ago, Eltherious said:


29 minutes ago, starapple said:


26 minutes ago, Jarvi said:


23 minutes ago, zanjoe20 said:

[email protected] thanks in advance


21 minutes ago, Vhonn said:

[email protected]


Salamat po

Invitation sent! Please check your mailbox and accept it and kindly react to this post, Thanks!?

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