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(COMPLETED) Free Netflix (10 Slots) - Guess the Show/Movie Title.

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This game is very easy. All you have to do is guess the name of the show/movie in order to win a Netflix Slot.

Accounts Credits to: @taym3 @pR1s0n3r @KingClarence




  • Whoever can answer first win.
  • You can only answer one at a time.
  • If you answer multiple number, you will be disqualify
  • You need 30 contents before you can join this game.









2. @PhantomRhythm







3. @Asim





4. @quas






5. @Lock_icon






6. @Onodasakamichi








7. @fire_candy






8. @MM1







9. @BEBE







10. @Nabbavu



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6 minutes ago, renz_1923 said:

try ko best ko

Need mo po muna ang 30 contents. 


Read this topic tapos magkakaroon ka ng content.


1 minute ago, ArKei said:

Hahaha! Di ko alam kailan ako makakashare daming sponsors?

Haha, oo nga eh :D Solo na nga games ni Mae ahahaha kanina.

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4 minutes ago, Nabbavu said:

Pwede po ba sumali kahit meron pang gamit? Account pang laptop lang sana.

Sige join ka. Pag bawal daw, bigay natin sa iba if manalo ka. ^_^

2 minutes ago, quas said:

#4 birdbox

CORRECT! Will add you to slot #4

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