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NETFLIX SLOT ×5- ELITE Edition *Concentration attracts luck factor*


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Please read the following first before you comment, 


Everyone can join this game but you need atleast 10 content count. (Moderators can find u easily) 

* Pick number from 1-200 and I'll draw every 2 hours after. 

* No double entry, you can pick again a number but after the draw with an unselected number/s.

* This is only for members who don't have active netflix account. (Ma'am Mae and Sir Jiro know who have an active netflix account so no to double). 

* If you're the winner, please contact me so i can give you the slot right away . 

* DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING, i can back it so just enjoy watching. 

* Thank you for these friends (  @taym3 @ArKei & @pR1s0n3rand also to a members from BINLotus group chat HAHA. 




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31 minutes ago, Regsy said:

Thank you sa palaro lods!

Welcome lods?

27 minutes ago, Jhan said:

Nays salamatsu !!

HAHAHA welcome❤️

26 minutes ago, RdxSonu said:

thank you very much bro

You're welcome ?

25 minutes ago, taym3 said:

Wow..ganda ng post


HAHA pinaghirapan eh❤️

4 minutes ago, alyan1987 said:

Thanks for sharing Clarisse! 

Anong Clarisse? Lalaki ako HAHAHA Clarence talaga name ko

4 minutes ago, Nabbavu said:

Thanks po dito sa palaro! Keep sharing!?

Welcome @Nabbavu❤️

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