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[Closed] Free Netflix Slot (8 Available Slot)


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Easy lang to "Guess Me and Win a Slot"

- You need to have atleast 30 content or Above to join this Game 
- Comment the answer once 
- No spamming 
- Pick one question only 
Group A
1. What is my Second name ? (Clue: end in letter S)
- @Example
2. What is my Nickname ? (Clue: Gulay to na mahaba ta's tangalin nyu lang yung 2 first letter)
3. What is my Favorite food ? (Clue: Gulay to masarap kahit anong style ng pag luto)
- @theprofessor_truman

4. What City i am living in ? (Clue: Region X ito)
Group B
5. What is my last Name (Clue: English ng Libro pero yung last word iba)
6. What is my Middle Name ? (Clue: Nasa Dagat ito)
- @yukieto
7. What Work am i doing ? (Clue: makikita nyo sa kahit saang sites)
- @vanj
8. How Old am i ? (Clue: Tanongin nyo si @Glutoneria)
- @zanjoe20


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1 minute ago, ArKei said:

Umuulan ng netflix e HAHAHA. Thanks for sharing!

HAHAHA habagn di pa na wiwipe out 


Just now, JunePaul said:

pag katapos nyo jan kami naman pa games HAHAH 10 SLOT GALING KAY PRISONER :D 

Yunn grabi umuulan ng netflix hahahaha 

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