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Benlotus Contributors Club


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Introducing Benlotus Contributors Club!


This is exclusive to forum content contributors like special members and up! 



The club aims to give the contributors exclusive freebies from time to time.


Club members can also share freebies/topics/ideas/suggestions and discuss it among themselves.


If you haven't joined yet and you are a special member or up, I recommend you joining the club! ^_^


Check your Member Group here:

@Special Member When you reached 300 contents

@Elite Member - When you reached 1000 contents

@Epic Member  - When you reached 2000 contents

@Forum Adept  When you reached 3000 comtents

@Forum Guru When you reached 4000 contents

Forum Master, Forum Legend, Forum Veteran coming soon.



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17 minutes ago, theprofessor_truman said:

Nice one po mam ?


17 minutes ago, quas said:

Wow sana mantika HAHAH


15 minutes ago, Judekoh28 said:

Hahaha kulanh pa sa akin. Haha


Just now, alyan1987 said:

Parang indi ako fit dyan hahaha! Name pa lang ng group "Contributor" 


Haha stay active lang sa forum. You'll soon be special members. ?

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  • 1 month later...

Up! Join now! ?

I would like this club to be more active since there a lot of new active members in the forum. 


If you haven't joined yet, I recommend you joining the club! ^_^


Check your Member Group here:

@Special Member When you reached 300 contents

@Elite Member - When you reached 1000 contents

@Epic Member  - When you reached 2000 contents

@Forum Adept  When you reached 3000 comtents

@Forum Guru When you reached 4000 contents


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49 minutes ago, Bea said:

Salamat po maam mae?


44 minutes ago, boyshongke said:

Maraming Salamat po


29 minutes ago, Emergency_Response said:

Ayos ah. Salamat!! :DDD


12 minutes ago, Kageyama said:

UP ! join na kayo hehe the more the merrier HAHA :x

Also follow the club so you would be notified if other contributors posted a new topic. :D


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