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Free online classes for game creation and design.
Courses include tutorials, videos and hands-on examples, as well as weekly livestreams where instructors answer questions directly.


Real Skills, All Free
Learn design, art, environments, coding, and more.


Play Right Away
Skip the tedious stuff and instead make high fidelity, playable online games from the start.


Live Mentorship with Industry Pros
Ask questions and get feedback in real-time through Twitch and Discord.



Intro to Game Design
Everything you need to know to create and publish your first game. Learn how to get ideas from your favorite games, think about fun, and design for play. You’ll add skills for environment design, world building, and creating obstacles. After that, you’re ready to publish!


Visual Effects
Learn the many uses of visual effects, post processing effects, and lighting in creating feedback that makes every loot drop a thrilling experience.


Valor-Strike: Creating Gameplay
Learn how to create new mechanics for your game. We teach you how to use a Core Framework to build a squad shooter inspired by Valorant and Counter-Strike, or how to use these lessons to introduce new challenge and player options into any existing game.



Everything you need to make games from start to publish, all in one place. Powered by Unreal Engine.


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choose course and click "Start Course"



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