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1x Scribd Premium Account (5/18/20)

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Get this 1x Scribd Premium Account! ^_^

Free for anyone who wants it.


Subscription: Less than 2 Months

Claim the account by replying to the post to see the account email and password. You can then change the password if you wish to. ^_^




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28 minutes ago, missEllah19 said:

thank you po boss sa share! godbless ?


27 minutes ago, asahi said:

Thanks po?

Youre welcome! ^_^ Comment kayo if you claimed the account para alam ng iba. Thanks!

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3 hours ago, rkismyname said:

Thank you for sharing mam mae


19 minutes ago, Renboy12 said:

thanks for sharing po mam mae ?


15 minutes ago, LuffyLangMalakas said:

Madaming perks ang scribd. Thank you po


7 minutes ago, paulcute said:

Masarap basahin dyan ung Divine Comedy

Youre welcome. Enjoy guys!

@paulcute Anong genre yan?

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