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Free Netflix - Words Raffles - Easy Win - 5 Profile Slot

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Itong raffle na ito ay para sa mga wala pang netflix account.
Easy win lang ito dahil ang odd ng winnings ay 1 out of 6!

Meron na akong napili na tatlong words, at kung ito ay napili mo, makapasok ka sa Netflix Group na ito. 

I-reply mo lang word na napili mo.

You can only reply only once per day (24 hours).

List of Words:

Adventure Brave
Amazing Beautiful
Attractive Champion
Classic Clean
Cool Courageous
Creative Cute
Delightful Effortless
Energetic Engaging
Fabulous Fantastic
Generous Genuine
Handsome Harmonious
Intelligent Luminous
Miraculous Paradise
Refreshing Smile
Wealthy Wonderful


Word Raffles Group

1. @Juan1

2. @botyokoy





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3 hours ago, Maegan24 said:

Ang ganda ng word list... Unlike kay @Maks xD 

3 hours ago, Hero said:

Ang na-research ko ay list of positive words. haha.  Yung key Mak nakakatuwa ^^ Words like, Deep, hard, touch, :D

Hahaha! Di ko talaga alam bat nandoon ang mga words na yun. Gulat rin nga ako may fasten, slow at satisfy din ?

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14 hours ago, BabaYaga_30 said:



13 hours ago, MihoTaka said:



12 hours ago, PrettyReyma000 said:

Engaging po


12 hours ago, joypacleba said:

   generous  po


11 hours ago, gabbzky1 said:




8 hours ago, Rekasmah said:


Mali po ang mga words na ito. try nalnag ulit mamaya.

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