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Free Netflix - Solve Cryptogram to Win Netflix Profile (GAME COMPLETED)

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Winning this game will give you a Netflix profile slot is good for at least 15 days.

Only players without an active Netflix Group can win.

If you already have an active Netflix group, you can still answer but you will not WIN. I will only say if you're correct or not.


Each number below the line is correspond to a letter. Figure out the secret message.

PM me your answer. Huwag ilagay ang sagot dito para di malaman ng iba. Reply ka lang dito para sabihin lang na na-send mo na ang sagot para i-check ko.


Hint: look at the apostrophe before the number 17. What word could be there?



Netflix Group:

1. @noctis

2. @phen22

3. @Ughhhhh

4. @Yogin

5. @Rhayzen11

6. @brightvc

7. @jesuisMoi

8. @theprofessor_truman

9. @Ryl

10. @torpedo74


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5 minutes ago, brightvc said:

tama po ako salamat po!! mwah


33 minutes ago, jesuisMoi said:

Sent ko na po answer ko. ?

Na add ko na kayong lahat. Meron pang 3 spot. Gumawa nalang ako ng dalawang group kasi wala akong time gumawa ng games. mamaya try ko gumawa. Pero for now may 2nd group na. 3 spot availble.

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