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First time ko gumawa ng games so kailangan mo lang is sagutan ang mga questions na ibibigay ko. GoodLuck!

Dahil mahilig ako sa history at math ito pa games ko. 

1. Aling bansa ang nagpadala ng navy nito sa buong mundo upang labanan ang mga Hapon noong 1904? 

2.  Ano ang pangalan ng unang asawa ni Napoleon?

3.  Henry cycles 6.6km to work and 7.2km back from work each day, how many km does he cycle to and from work over a 7 day period??

4.  1609.34 meters is 1 mile: how many lengths, to the nearest, would complete 1 mile in a 25 meter swimming pool?

Hope madali lang sa inyo yan tips use google to see answers. ???

Pagpasensyahan nyo na medyo hirap ako gumawa naka cp lang ako e.

Salamat pala sa tips ni Master @Maks ? 

Isang ? naman dyan.  

Winner Congrats! ?

1. @noctis Answer: Russia

2. @LuffyLangMalakas Answer: Josephine

3. @Yujians Answer: 96.6

4. @ramoeld Answer: 64.4 




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40 minutes ago, ramoeld said:

4.1 mile = 1609.3412 metres 1609.3412 / 25 = 64.4 lengths (rounded to the nearest tenth)

ewan ko kung tama ba to..hahaha :)

tama pala to.!

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tama ang sagot nya
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