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Free Personal Netflix Account - Guess the letter/number Part 2 (COMPLETED)

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Hello (ALL PLAYERS WELCOME) kahit panalo na kayo sa ibang games.

This game is straight forward. I will be posting 10 Netflix accounts here for you to claim.

Kailangan i-guess nyo kung ano ang kulang. At magbibigay ako ng clue. Pag nakuha nyo na yung account, sayo inyo na yung account, mag palit kayo agad ng password para sa inyo lang. 

You need to reply to see the game. 

30 Days NETFLIX ACCOUNT - Personal. You can change the password! This is the only game you can claim the FULL account.

This is the hidden content, please

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Just now, BabaYaga_30 said:

Thanks hahaha change pass na hahahhaa


sabihin mo po anong account number yan para di napo nila itry pa :) Isa isa lang po sana kada member. Kung panalo na, pagbigyan nyo napo yung wala pa :D 

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