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1x Windscribe VPN Account (w/ 10GB bandwidth)


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Here's 1x Account for Windscribe VPN.

It has 10GB bandwidth. 

Yes, you can stream Netflix with it. 

Limited servers since it is free.


If you want your own account you can make it for free. You just need to confirm your email address to receive a 10GB bandwidth. Or use coupons or vouchers to expand your bandwidth. 

You can also upgrade to Pro with low price.


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19 minutes ago, Hero said:

Diba yung Money Heist pwede di na kailangan ng VPN ? Pansin ko halos ng nag netflix money heist pinanood nila. nakita ko sa viewing activities.

Haha. Nope, di na kailangan vpn for that. :)

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13 minutes ago, janminz1515 said:

pa try nitol lods


3 minutes ago, ianandrade14 said:

pa try po :)

Go lang. :) Let me know if you need any help with the account. Note that you can also make your own account. Follow niyo lang process.

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