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Free Netflix Premium by DC - Shared account, up to five members only. Batch 2

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Free Netflix for the members of this forums.


  • This is a shared account.
  • Please do not change the password. (If password is changed, I will reset the account, then no one can access it anymore).
  • Please reply to this topic to see the account.
  • Only 5 Unique Members can reply to this topic, but if you are fast enough, you can be the 6th person, or 7th person before I removed the account on my first post (This post).
  • Once five members has replied to this topic, I will remove the account in my first post so no one else can see it.
  • Once the limit has been reached, I will create another topic for a newer account. I will only do this if no one changed the password.

Limit has been reached. The account has been removed.

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