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Free Netflix Cookies #20: Windows Only - Chrome Browser


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Backup Netflix Cookies

(No need VPN)


Before using the Netflix Cookies,

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How to Use Netflix Cookies:

Only members who are using Windows will be able to use this.


1. Add browser Extension called J2TEAM Cookies to your google Chrome.

(Using Google Chrome Browser, go to this link: 

This is the hidden content, please


2. Once the extension is active in Google Chrome Browser, go to Netflix.com, and then click on the cookies extension you just added and then click Import. 


3. Import the cookies file that is provided here in attachment on this post.



The cookie will stop working if you change account information.

  • Do not change the profile's language
  • Do not add a profile
  • Do not change the profile name

Chrome Select.jpg


Reply to this topic to see the cookie.




(No need VPN)


This is the hidden content, please





If the cookie doesn't work, reply to this topic and let me know.


If it worked for you, please feedback.

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