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Watch Movie For Free! BenLotus MovieBox ver. 1.1 for Android (For LifetimeStream and TempLS Member)


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3 Months Free Trial for Everyone


This is an Android application for BenLotus and Movie lovers (BenLotus MovieBox)



Sometimes we will update this app for better features, please come to this topic to update your app.


Current Features and requirements:

  • You can stream any movies/shows that are available on BenLotus
  • Subtitle is built-in
  • Download movies to view later (just like Netflix)
  • Movie description and IMDB rating is included.
  • You must have at least 4Mbps internet connection to stream movies in the app. Otherwise you can only download movies.



Access to the app is free for all LifetimeStreamer and TempLS member.

Other members will have a free trial to access it for 3 months.


What is BenLotus MovieBox App?

It is an android application for your android device or android TV, that will provide access to BenLotus' VideoBox content, including the ability to download movies and shows. There are currently over 3000 contents for you to enjoy at your conveniences.


How to use the BenLotus MovieBox app?

Once you downloaded and installed the app on your device, simply just login your BenLotus account to start watching. If your BenLotus account don't have access to BenLotus MovieBox, you must apply for a free trial or purchase TempLS or LifetimeStreamer. You can also visit our BCash shop to buy access.


How to get a free trial?

Free Trial will be offer to every member who have at least (50 BenLotus contents). Please reply to this topic and say that you want a free trial. I will send you a voucher to activate your BenLotus account for MovieBox, so that it will be eligible to use our application for 3 months. Your Free Trial duration will only start after you redeem it so you may save it for later.


How much does access to BenLotus MovieBox application cost after the free trial?

If you wish to continue using BenLotus MovieBox after your free trial, you may get it in our BCash Shop - 10BCash for 1 month, or 25 BCash for 3 months.


Here's the link to buy access:

1-Month MovieBox Access

3-Month MovieBox Access



Can I still use BenLotus VideoBox on BenLotus.com to watch movies without purchasing access to the BenLotus MovieBox app?

Yes. BenLotus VideoBox on our site remains free to use for all members who has at least 10 forum contents.



If you have any question, please reply to this topic.










App developed by @K4anubhav


Reply to this topic to get a voucher if you have 50 forum contents.

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  • JiroDavid changed the title to Watch Movie For Free! BenLotus MovieBox ver. 1.0 for Android (For LifetimeStream and TempLS Member)
1 minute ago, HTN said:

After I downloaded app & attempted to login it said I don't have access. Can someone check my access please? I'm Lifetimestream.

It looks like the system removed you as an LS member because you are inactive for more than 3 months. Do you wish to activate your Ls again? 

if so, you must agree to visit BenLotus at least once every 3 months, so that the system will not remove you as an LS member.

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  • JiroDavid changed the title to Watch Movie For Free! BenLotus MovieBox ver. 1.1 for Android (For LifetimeStream and TempLS Member)
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