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Message added by Tracer,


-5 Users ONLY

-1 Device Per User 

-DO NOT Change Profile Names / Language

-Validity: Unknown (Account Issue May occur anytime)

-Use ONLY assigned slot

-Check Post Below (If there are 5 users already then comeback again tomorrow)

-This is FREE if account may end don't complain.


Why Change Password Everyday?  - So others will have the chance to join and stream without any interruption.

Can I Join Again? -Yes you can, if you are the first 5 who replied to this post after the pw reset.

I will send the Password via Private Chat. (First 5 Reply/Comment to this POST after the Password Reset)
No Reservations.(Daily Reset: starts at 7am Philippine Time)
If you did not receive a msg from me it means you are not eligible. 

Follow this post so you will get notified of the latest updates.

Follow Me for future content like movies, games, giveaways, and more.


You can also watch HD movies here: https://forums.benlotus.com/video/

Heart React, Comment to Support this thread. 

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9 hours ago, russ said:

thank you boss


9 hours ago, Liza8 said:

Thanks for sharing 


9 hours ago, Heinzhummer said:

Salamat sa pag share sir


8 hours ago, SakuraiX said:

pajoin po lods


8 hours ago, YunBi said:

Thanks for sharing master tracer hehehehe pwede na ba magpalista in advance? hahahahaha sa 9-10 kasi bagong episode ng hometown cha cha cha eh hahahaha sana makahabol ako nun


8 hours ago, Heyow123 said:


Please avoid posting comment (one-word/less than 9 characters) RULE #8


8 hours ago, SigbinKiAt said:

ang cute nman ng schedule😍 sana magpakabait ng lahat🙌🙌

hahaha pra d ma crowded auto logout din nman kung lahat mag sabay stream.

8 hours ago, SANJANA said:

Thanks for sharing 💜


8 hours ago, Raindrops said:

thanks for sharing po.

pasama po sa next day hihi✨


8 hours ago, tstar said:

thanks for shearing po



6 hours ago, khan004 said:

Thanks a lot for your kind sharing! Amazing!


5 hours ago, qaizar2 said:

thanks for shating


5 hours ago, Eltherious said:

thank you po


4 hours ago, Bente said:


Please avoid posting comment (one-word/less than 9 characters) RULE #8


3 hours ago, Ka-Zar said:

Thanks for sharing po. 


34 minutes ago, natsuahmed20 said:

Thanks for sharing


32 minutes ago, kulangot said:

yun oh me free NF na hehe thanx po ^^


31 minutes ago, Mavinzer said:

Morning boss @Tracer pasabit ulit master, inagahan kuna😁😁


19 minutes ago, Kyo said:

Pareserve po idol hahaha


16 minutes ago, elmaasarawy14 said:

thanks for sharing


You're Welcome Guys


Note: I will only send the new password first 5 who will reply to this post after reset, you can also follow this thread so you will get notified. ;) 

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