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FREE x2 NETFLIX COOKIES For Benlotus Family #009

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Backup Netflix Cookies

From: @JiroDavid


Before using the Netflix Cookies,

You can also check out the free movies/shows on BenLotus streaming section:




How to Use Netflix Cookie:

Only members who are using Windows will be able to use this.


1. Add browser Extension called J2TEAM Cookies to your google Chrome.

(Using Google Chrome Browser, go to this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/j2team-cookies/okpidcojinmlaakglciglbpcpajaibco?hl=en)


2. Once the extension is active in Google Chrome Browser, go to Netflix.com, and then click on the cookies extension you just added and then click Import. 


3. Import the cookies file that is provided here in attachment on this post.


Cookies here 👇👇

Hidden Content
You'll Be Able To See The Hidden Content Once You Reply To This Topic



Anyone who log-out the cookie will be ban on this forum. We can see everything even your IP address. Watch out. We know you.


Video tutorial



If the cookies are not working, mention me @L-Kira on the reply box. 



The cookie will stop working if you change account information.


  • Do not change the profile's language
  • Do not add a profile PIN
  • Do not change the profile names
  • Do not open the account settings
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1 hour ago, angelmary said:

thanks for sharing po mga boss


59 minutes ago, aslan said:

thank for sharing sir

keep sharing sir


44 minutes ago, Alexios said:

present na naman ako boss salamat dito lagi


40 minutes ago, ivan1122 said:

Salamat lodss dito


22 minutes ago, Zyy said:

Thank you po


You're welcome po. 

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2 minutes ago, Dububoi said:

Thanks for sharing po 


38 minutes ago, emmancastillo2 said:

thanks for sharing



1 hour ago, yortryyorty21 said:

thanks for sharing


1 hour ago, Pranto said:

thank you again :/ i guess someone logged out again for old ones ? actually i was middle of watching Lawless lawyer ;-; 


You're welcome po. Enjoy. :)

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9 minutes ago, Overlord said:

boss pahelp po  bigla po nawala yung pangalawa po den yung una naman po may problem sa location daw po please help


Naglog-out yong pangalawa? Cge... Log-out ko muna. Balik ka na lang mamaya. 

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