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(Updated Proof of Cashout | 05/11/2021) Earn $5 Every Week Using Your Facebook Account

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dapat po ba same un email sign in sa lazybucks n facebook.??

nakaregister na po..waiting to verify..sana hindi matagal mgverify para may pang bili album twice 😁😁

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7 hours ago, nikezz said:

thanks. keep it up


7 hours ago, zhunter09 said:

Thanks for sharing


5 hours ago, Kuroi said:

Thank you keep on sharing


5 hours ago, Pengu said:

wow salamat keep on sharing 


5 hours ago, Mariaa said:

Thanks for sharing 

you're welcome po

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5 hours ago, Pengu said:

dapat po ba same un email sign in sa lazybucks n facebook.??

nakaregister na po..waiting to verify..sana hindi matagal mgverify para may pang bili album twice 😁😁

kahit di naman po.


noice! kulitin mo lang sila sa contact us nila. sakto lapit na comeback ng twice :x


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34 minutes ago, angelmary said:

thank you po for sharing


25 minutes ago, rageme08 said:

Maraming salamat dito

You're welcome po, try niyo na rin haha

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1 hour ago, jun12 said:

pano yan lods?

nasa tutorial po idol yung gagawin

1 hour ago, jun12 said:

pwede ba dummy account? 

pwede ba paypal?

pwede po, yung isang dummy ko working ngayon dyan idol. payoneer lang payout nila ngayon lods pero madali lang naman i-link sa gcash

35 minutes ago, Lilac said:

wow pasilip po thank u

Welcome po, try mo na rin po

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On 4/30/2021 at 7:03 PM, Tzuyu said:





  Reveal hidden contents






  Reveal hidden contents





1. Use any VPN and connect to CANADA IP (IMPORTANT) to avoid problems during signing up and prevent the 'not eligible account' error. You can disable the VPN after signing up.


2. For Android users, download Kiwi browser from Play Store.

For iOS users ,download Yandex browser on App Store.


3. Sign up on Lazybucks using this link.

Fill out the rest with your Facebook profile details, verify your account and install the extension that is being asked to install.

Add new tab on kiwi browser and log in your Facebook account that you have registered.

Do not logout your Facebook account so there will be no problem during the verification.


4. Wait for your account to be approved and start earning $5 per week without hassle.



- 2-year old Facebook account

- Payoneer Account.

You can just create a Payoneer account on your GCash to easily cashout using your Gcash. On Gcash, you can go to Link Accounts > Payoneer > Create with GCash. If you don't have a national ID, just select national ID on the choices and in the 'ID Number' just input the id number of any of the id's that you have, even school id. On the bank code, just put any bank code like 010040018 which is the bank code of BPI and it works well.


For PC users, just do the exact same thing but you can skip to step 3 for signing up.


Once you've completed filling out your profile info, just contact Lazybucks using the 'Contact Us' on the lower right. Put your name, the email that you've used and tell them that your account is still not approved. Your account should be approved on 3-5 days after signing up.






If you have any questions, feel free comment down below.

can't send message to contact us as it is showing some error

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