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39 minutes ago, Tracer said:

Daming pa giveaway may iba kbang group idol?

oo idol sa fb mga pinamimigay lang nila kaya shine share ko na dito

33 minutes ago, Avocado said:

Puro pamigay, saan galing yan haha xD  

dyan dyan lang bro hahaa

12 minutes ago, snorlax said:

keep sharing po ^ _ ^


31 minutes ago, RAMBOO said:

Yown salamat dito Kuys❤️

welcome po

Edited by Kyo
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1 hour ago, Tzuyu said:

wow daming pamigay


51 minutes ago, ramoeld said:

@Kyo ayus to :)

salamat sa share!!!


37 minutes ago, KyleRadke said:

Salamat TS!

Salamat TS!


36 minutes ago, Eijun said:

thanks for sharing


1 minute ago, sid1mehra27 said:

Thank you for sharing these accounts.

welcome po 

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