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BCASH Giveaway #5: Guess the Image


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Who can join?

- Members with atleast 50 forum posts.





- React ? to this post.

- First member to answer correctly wins.

- Guess the movie/series from the image below:













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@Ughhhhh & @Tzuyu



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4 hours ago, lie_22 said:

mga mamsir ano pong bcash? may post po ba dito or topic about bcash? newbie at ngayon ko lang din narinig ang bcash ✌️

B cash currency po ng benlotus . 1 bcash equivalent to 1 peso. PAg madami ka Bcash pwd mo ito iconvert sa gcash

Si Tokyo ng Money Heist Series

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16 hours ago, Ughhhhh said:

Si Tokyo po ba to sa Money Heist?

Thank you po sa pag host


16 hours ago, Tzuyu said:

Daming pa-games ulit Kaso naunahan ata

money heist to haha


@Ughhhhh and @Tzuyu will share the prize di ko sure if question ba yung comment ni @Ughhhhh or answer niya yung character. :D Hati nalang para fair. 

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