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?Picsart Gold Account Giveaway?(CLAIMABLE)


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Just now, YunBi said:

Nagbabalik si idol, thanks po sa pamigay idol Bea ?


11 minutes ago, kinowazha said:

hahha thank you po i hope meron pa ulit gustong gusto ko po ng picsart na may gold hahah to join the game

wow thanks hahhaha po sobra my picsart na na gold wow



16 minutes ago, Kyo said:

hide mo ate para iwas hit and run hahaha. Btw thank you po.

Welcome po❤️

13 minutes ago, Oranek said:

ako na ang nag hide sa account para hindi ma hit&run ? sanaol "Gold" ?

Salamat po sanaol gold

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15 hours ago, SANJANA said:

Thanks for sharing?


15 hours ago, aceburn said:

hehe keep sahring po :D


15 hours ago, aceburn said:

Thanks po!!!


15 hours ago, parasite said:

Thanks for sharing po! ❤️


14 hours ago, Tralaw said:

Thanks For Sharing :)


14 hours ago, Tzuyu said:

Lakas naman Bea, keep sharing


14 hours ago, ReyAllen said:

Thanks for sharing ☺️

Welcome po❤️

24 minutes ago, yesyesyo said:

thanks for this @Bea is this 7-days or 30-days?

i think picsart removed 30 days recently

Yeah it's 7 days ni removed nila 30 days eh

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