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Viu Premium 1 Year For Everyone ?


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37 minutes ago, Arturo said:

Lakas talaga ni @Tzuyu 

Thank you for sharing po ^_^


32 minutes ago, snorlax said:

Thanks for sharing master


29 minutes ago, KHAN3210 said:

Thank you. Keep sharing ?

Welcome po sa inyo

6 minutes ago, Kageyama said:

lakas naman po ng 1 year sanaol jok :D 

Sanaol talaga HAHAHA penge po netflakes xD

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3 hours ago, luckymhao said:

Thank you sa pagshare ?


3 hours ago, yesyesyo said:

nice  thanks for this @Tzuyu pang nood ng kdrama ?


3 hours ago, pas said:

thanks for sharing


3 hours ago, zeneric said:

thank you


3 hours ago, angelmary said:

thank you tzuyu. lakas naman po


3 hours ago, lunaaaa said:

Thanks for sharing!


1 hour ago, Miracle said:

Thanks for sharing po!


1 hour ago, Prakash said:

Thanks for sharing

you're all welcome. enjoy watching po

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5 hours ago, grasspopper said:

lakast naman po nung 1yr!!! thank you for sharing papi!


39 minutes ago, Imthe0 said:

Thanks for sharing ❤

You're welcome po

17 minutes ago, broly said:


avoid commenting only "thanks" po. this is considered spamming

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  • Tzuyu changed the title to Viu Premium 1 Year For Everyone 🎉

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